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LCU Starts the 2020 Donation Campaign With a Website Restyling

During the meetup with LiskHQ, GNY, Madana, EliteX and other Lisk players, the Lisk Center Utrecht presented its new website and launched a fundraising campaign to finance the activities planned for the next year.

The announcement was also posted on Reddit. Joo5ty, GDT delegate and LCU co-founder, wrote:

Your donation will mean the world to us as it would complement our achievements that we have made so far. It would also send a signal to the world that our community driven initiative that we started in 2018 is still alive and strong. Your Lisk (delegate) name will automatically show up on the page and we hope to see everybody participating.

The goal of this fundraising is 5000 LSK (~7000 $), and 77% of the needed amount has already been collected.

More donations are coming in 😎 Thank you thepool, endro, korben3, and anonymous donator ‘5544863131864332694L’. We will make good promotional use of the funds and will keep you up-to-date. — LiskCenterUtrecht (@LiskCenter) July 30, 2019

The tweet, wrote less than 12 hours ago, seems already old, as the top two donors lately donated 1000LSK each. Among the top 5 we find Max Kordek, gr33ndrag0n, ntelo and tembo.

This could set a new record for the LCU crowdfunding, that last year reached the same amount in some weeks. Both individual and pool delegates (Sherwood, GDT) took part in the 2019 edition.

The Lisk Center in Utrecht, already featured in that article, provides a 210 m^2 space to host around 40 working places. It is a non-profit organization, founded with the idea to bring together entrepreneurs and innovators, to share their ideas to create a fair and sustainable future, using blockchain technology. Core team members of LCU are joo5ty, (Dutch Ambassador) and Moosty.

They already hosted 24 meetups, not only strictly related to Lisk, but open also to blockchain-based projects focused on gamin...

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