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JavaScript is one of the most energy efficient interpreted languages. Google-backed JavaScript JIT compiler that powers LISK engine is quite impressive

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Lisk Testnet v3 Migration | Blog post 馃憤馃徎

We are pleased to announce that the Lisk Testnet v3 migration will occur on the block height 14,075,259 which will be approximately reached on 1st of July, 2021, as all of our products such as Lisk Co...
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馃殌 Announcing Lisk Testnet v3 Migration

馃殌 Announcing Lisk Testnet v3 Migration.馃搵 We have published a blog post with everything you need to know about the Lisk Testnet v3 migration as well as what to expect from the update.Learn more:馃敼 ht...
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[NEW] Release | Lisk Core 3.0.0-rc.0

Lisk Core 3.0.0-rc.0 was released today. 馃殌馃敡 This release implements 3 phases:鈻笍 Security and Reliability鈻笍 Network Economics and Network Consensus鈻笍 Network Longevity Check out the release notes.鈥 L...
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[NEW] Release | Lisk Desktop v2.0.0-rc.0

馃帀 We are very happy to announce the release of Lisk Desktop v2.0.0-rc.0馃敼 This version implements support for Lisk Core v3, including: dynamic transaction fees, new voting system, change of address s...
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[NEW] Lisk Development Progress Update 馃殌

Here is the latest development progress update for the #Lisk project by Oliver Beddows. 馃殌Looking to stay up to date? Join our community at 馃珎鈥 Lisk...