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The Universe of Iteration - The T▲ngler [Aigarth]

Stanley Miller isn’t necessarily a well-known name if you’re not a chemist. The scientist from the 1950s has proven how amino acid building blocks can emerge from nothing, so to speak. All it takes is methane, ammonia, water, hydrogen, and electricity, in a certain mixture, at certain temperatures, time and iterations.

What was it like 4 billion years ago, when the first amino acids decided to join together to form living cells? The first unicellular organisms formed 100% of the known life in the Precambrian age and for what it’s worth, all the following life as well. Stromatolites can still be found today, in shelf areas, always formed by so-called cyanobacteria, which are able to produce oxygen. As supposedly the first living organisms on earth, they are responsible for the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere. Life on earth was thus formed by chance, after various elements and chemical substances interacted with each other over billions of years. A product of repetition. Over an almost infinitely long period of time, different events have been combined again and again in different ways. Until, by coincidence, life came into existence. An unstoppable chain-reaction that tried everything to use energy for its purposes. The apparent waste product of cyanobacteria, oxygen, enabled other, already adapted cells to enlarge and form nuclei. Eukaryotes were born. Here, too, a cascade of endless interactions with the environment was the reason. Substances were processed, every molecule used, digested, absorbed. Sometimes the result was death, sometimes an advantage over other life formed and remained. Cells that only occurred in strange niches in need for more or less sun, with a specific temperature preference, or calcareous water. The infinity of iterations began to unfold. The goal was to move on. Energy, transformation, survival. As the first invertebrates emerged, the first explosion of species, the Cambrian Explosion appeared, which is...

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