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The 5th Cohort of IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund Grantees

Over the last few months, we’ve worked very hard to improve the IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund and to make sure we use the funds in the best way possible to benefit the whole Ecosystem.

Today, the IOTA Ecosystem team is very happy to announce that we have six great new grantees and a brand new EDF website to share with you!

The funded projects range among a full node software written in Go, a new semi-permanode solution, a swift library and awareness building & educational material.

With the help of the grantees, the growth of the IOTA community can be ensured and the current network is strengthened and used to its full potential.

We look forward to seeing the progress of these new projects and will make sure to keep you updated about their development.

Grant Updates

Hornet (€154,500)

Sebastian Fuchs (IoTMOD), Maximilian Hase (muXxer) and Alexander Sporn (alexsporn) are the three founders of “TangleKit GbR”, a company created specifically for building products and providing services based on IOTA technology. Their first service enables fast “Proof of work as a service” for devices with limited computational power and can be found here.

As part of the grant, the three grantees will create an IOTA fullnode for the mainnet called Hornet. It is written entirely in Go and will allow to install and run an IOTA fullnode on low-end devices such as a Raspberry Pi with significantly increased performance.

Sebastian Fuchs, Maximilian Hase and Alexander Sporn are all excited to grow the IOTA Ecosystem even further:

“By supporting the development of different fullnode implementations like IRI, cIRI and Hercules, and also by creating a high performance IOTA transaction spammer with multiple attack strategies, we gained a lot of knowledge about the IOTA technology. We want to give this knowledge back to the community in the form of an optimized open-source full node software. The main goal of this project is ...
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