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Machine to machine economy - from Akita

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Feb 10

The rapid evolution of technology and machines effects all of us, whether we like, dislike or don’t even realize it. There are already more than 3 smart devices for every human being on this planet, tendency growing…

We at AKITA have made it our mission to focus on building tangible prototypes. Instead of being stuck in a theoretical loop of debating, we want to see, touch and experience what combinations of new technologies, machines and human interaction are capable of. During our journey through the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) space we have already connected a smart watch that saves your heartbeat on a blockchain, experimented with distributed voting mechanisms, combined biometric identification with hybrid traditional systems and decentralized networks to see if we can create user friendly and at the same time more secure ways to ID ourselves. All this experience since 2016 is now flowing into the machine economy showcase that we are building in the spirit of co-creation with the community, corporate partners and made possible by the support of the IOTA Foundation and their Ecosystem Development Fund.

What is a machine economy?

The process of finding the specific requirements and a goal for this project has been a long organic one, involving already all of the above mentioned parties. To start at a few simple, but yet essential facts that we can all agree on:

there are already machines or smart devices which can act completely autonomous without any human interaction you cannot open a bank account for a machine Hundreds of different DLTs already exists, transferring a daily value of 20 billion USD every day (even during bear market)

All of these smart devices can generate value, sell services and require at least energy to function. Let’s say we have a self driving car that is driving people from A t...

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