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It’s tomorrow in #Munich - 4h30PM CEST! The event to meet and get hands-on experience with the #IOTA technology. Follow #IOTAMunichMeetup to stay up to date during the event. #IOTACommunity

IOTA Hands-on Meetup For almost 10 years, the only few well-known use for Blockchains and other DLT´s (Distributed Ledger Technology) is the p2p exchange of digital money and data, as well as the speculative aspect. But there is still a lack of understanding for people with no coding background, to grasp the vast possibilities of DLT´s and their versatile fields of applications throughout the various markets and industries. This is why we are pleased to invite you to this IOTA Meetup on Thursday 12 September 2019, where we want to focus on real-world uses and live prototypes. We will show you how this next generation DLT can be integrated into the “Internet of Things” and bring tangible value to future products and business models. You will experience various uses and will be able to explore community driven prototypes such as:

- a vending machine powered by IOTA and the Tangle, - an automated car-to-car payment system enabling value transfers, - IOTA hardware for integrated systems, - CO2 certificate trading enabled through IOTA, - how IOTA plays a role in the energy sector, smart factories and cities, - smart waste management system and fill level sensors, - and more...

You can experience the technology in real time, look behind the scenes of these concepts and connect with the makers. In addition, you will learn why the German based IOTA Foundation, a Non-Profit-Organisation, is working with “the Tangle” (instead of the blockchain) and what advantages it features in contrast to other DLTs. Our aim is to give you a glimpse of how this new technology can change the world and enrich our lives through a sharing economy that is incentivised through IOTA's permission-less payment system. Hopefully, it will spark your imagination and allow you to consider how your company can innovate through the use of IOTA's unique network structure, the Tangle. All industries are addressed; from supply chain, to machine economy, to healthcare. This new world...

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