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IOTA not mentioned... but a boy can dream! VW US Charging Network to be Plug and Pay???

In partnership with Hubject, Electrify America plans to roll out 'Plug&Charge' functionality to more than 2,000 public fast charging stations by the end of the year. Providing your EV meets ISO 15118 functionality standards (which increasing numbers of new models do), using one of Electrify America's charging points will leverage vehicle to grid (V2G) communications, enabling the vehicle to automatically authenticate and authorize a charging session using secure digital communication. No RFID tags, credit cards or mobile apps required. It's a game-changing technology that'll make owning and operating an EV just that bit smoother.

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Know how IOT is Changing Inventory Management

Using IoT technology to improve inventory management helps businesses to monitor inventory in real-time. It will be the cost-effective and efficient solution for all businesses.
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Part IV - The Qubic Network!

Preface — Personally, I still don’t think anyone fully knows what exactly the Qubic Network will look like, or what kind of applications will be built on top of the final version. Part of that is…