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IOTA Foundation launches Industry Marketplace, the World’s First Autonomous and Decentralized Marketplace

The Industry Marketplace, Leveraging IOTA’s Distributed Ledger Technology, will enable increased Interconnectivity between Humans, Machines, and Machine Readable Contracts.

Visit the Industry Marketplace here.

The IOTA Foundation is proud to announce the release of the Industry Marketplace, the world’s very first autonomous and decentralized virtual marketplace. After forming a consortium of world-leading academics, standardization bodies, enterprises and thought leaders, we are excited to present our joint development that will greatly accelerate industrial automation and commercial machine interaction.

Welcome to Industry 4.0

The next generation of industrial automation, Industry 4.0 (I4.0), is rapidly approaching. In tomorrow’s world, devices will contain not only asset information, but proactive decision and optimization algorithms to enable goal-oriented behaviors. I4.0 devices can be viewed as autonomous independent economic agents that cooperate according to market economy principles.

The highly flexible value creation networks that result from I4.0 will require new forms of collaboration between companies — both at a national and global level. The successful implementation of I4.0 will depend on the creation of a common global communication and computing infrastructure that enables economic relationships between humans and machines.

By combining distributed ledger technology with established standards and openly-developed specifications, the Industry Marketplace will spearhead I4.0 and create a platform for the economy of things.

The Industry Marketplace will serve as a vendor and industry-neutral platform, automating the trade of physical and digital goods and services. Building on specifications developed by the Plattform Industrie 4.0 (Germany’s central network for the advancement of digital transformation in manufacturing), the Industry Marketplace combines:

Distributed ledger technology Immutable aud...
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