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IOTA development update

The IOTA project’s number one priority is adoption in the real world. The foundation for achieving this lies in a deployment and development friendly ecosystem. This necessitates a versatile and vastly encompassing ecosystem, of which one of the most crucial components include clients in different languages that enable developers to choose their most preferred client suited for their specific deployments. - Iota official -


The IOTA Reference Implementation (IRI) is written in Java. It has just been refactored with major performance improvements which makes it faster to synchronize with the network and make transactions. Since IRI is the first official IOTA implementation, a stable Java client is very much a key to adoption.

Status: Done, stresstest soon


This client is our highest priority at the moment, as we are currently porting IRI over to C++ and plan to continue core development in this language. Unlike Java it does not require a Virtual Machine installed on the devices in order to to run code and it compiles to machine code in real time, making it a lot more suitable for these resource restrained IoT devices. It’s also one of the most supported and typed languages in the world.

Status: In early port stage


Rust is considered to be one of the most promising and agile languages, particularly for IoT due to its safety, fast execution and massive concurrency support. Rust, together with C++, is currently being prioritized by the Foundation.

Status: Early development


Very similar to Rust in terms of concurrency, Golang has seen a lot of adoption, especially by various Blockchian projects in this space. We already use Go for our Sandbox environment and library, making it an obvious choice to dedicate development to.

Stage: Early development

Light Client

Even though IOTA core client is lightweight in nature, there are certain applications th...

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