"BOLSHOI: Comprehensive IOTA wallet" (USB Hardware Wallet, Chrome App, Website) -- Defining Product Vision & User Interface Design

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Great Advances on Design and User Interface

We have defined an entrance today to the Chrome App and I am proud to say we got it. On the team we got Onur Mete rocking on design, we're proud to have him onboard. Me and Holger are working on the USB Hardware. I'm on software for the Chrome App and Holger is beginning to think our website structure.

I'm posting a few of the great advances Onur brought us this week.

Great view, we are working to translate it to code. Great entrance with possibility to have a photo for personal use, safeguarding privacy always on transactions. We devised groups of devices per usage. Also a nice idea for the history of transactions. Great main controls and nice view of total balance. I love seeing well thought details start to make the difference on future usability.

Colors and Pallete

We got a design structure now that will allow for fast implementation

Follow through

Here's a snap of our ongoing Scrum Organizer

Web Solutions

We've looked a lot and decided to get two domains for the further development of our web structure. Main domain will be bolshoi.solutions

That's it for follow-up! We're working hard and with joy on this. Please, don't forget to upvote. If you like our endeavors, follow us here @bitworkers Cheers!