Introducing ORIGYN (OGY) — Now Trading on Sonic

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Introducing ORIGYN (OGY) 💎— Now Trading on Sonic 🔥

Sonic is growing 👀 You can now swap and Provide Liquidity for ORIGYN Foundation’s $OGY token!

Trading is now live for the first of many tokens to be added to Sonic, ORIGYN (OGY)! Head over to and trade your WICP for OGY, or simply provide liquidity directly within the protocol.

OGY is just the first token to be added to Sonic, with plenty more to come in the future. We’re excited to bring you more pairs to grow your wallet, and ORIGYN was the perfect first choice!

What is ORIGYN (OGY)?

ORIGYN Foundation combines physical artwork and luxury goods with blockchain proof of ownership technology. Digital certificates of authenticity, minted via non-fungible tokens, create an irrefutable system of provenance and authenticity of physical goods.

Looking to solve two issues in the luxury goods industry, Democratization and Access, ORIGYN is lowering the barrier of entry for both buyers and sellers of fine art and goods. Artists, galleries, and collectors can certify their pieces with ORIGYN, which stores the piece in a secure vault, and in exchange for a Digital Twin 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Owners of the Digital Twin can determine the percent of the artwork they would like to sell, and divide the digital twin into unique NFTs. These NFTs can be bought, sold, or traded among collectors

ORIGYN creates true, certified co-ownership of physical pieces. By using OGY, the native utility token of the ORIGYN platform, users can create ORIGYN Certificates to certify their pieces. For more information on OGY click here!

Swapping 🛒

Swapping your ICP to OGY is quick, easy, and most importantly, efficient on Sonic. The first available pair will be WICP/OGY. Using ‘Chained Swaps’, Sonic will always route your transaction in a path that produces the lowest fees and best output. In other words, when converting XTC to OGY, if (using placeholder figures):

Transaction A 1 XTC → 10 OGY

Transaction B 1 XTC → 0.5 WICP → 20 OGY

Sonic will automatically choose Transaction B to provide you with the best output for your given transaction. Hover over the swap to see your route for each transaction!

New OGY pairs will be added and funded by the community quickly, and will still follow the chained swap principles. After the pair is added by someone in the community, and the liquidity pool is funded, the pair will be free to swap!

Liquidity Providing 💧

While the Sonic team will add the initial OGY liquidity, funded by the ORIGYN Foundation, users can add liquidity of their own directly through the Liquidity tab on the Sonic app.

For more information on providing liquidity, check out this guide from our docs!

What’s Next? 🔮

While Sonic has been a WICP/XTC swap protocol since the V1 launch, that’s going to change pretty quickly. Pull up your 🥾 and strap in….

That’s all from us today folks :wave: Head over to to start swapping!