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Indorse Public Announcement — ENS address of indorse.eth

Indorse Public Announcement — ENS address of indorse.eth The official ENS address of is indorse.eth

This is to inform the community that the official Indorse ethereum name service address is indorse.eth (lowercase i,n,d,o,r,s,e dot e, t, h).

Please be advised that any other ethereum address that is posted or sent to you in private messages, slack channels, twitter posts. Etc. are possibly phishing attempts.

We will be using the ENS system for our upcoming token sale, please take care and only use the official ENS address when transferring your ether.

If you see anyone posting as Indorse with another ethereum address, do not send any ether and let us know immediately.

We will not be publishing an ethereum address such as 0x…. on the website of Again, please let us know immediately if you see such a posting- and do not send any ether to it!

We want the community to be safe!


David Moskowitz



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