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PlanetQuest Roadmap — Looking to the future!

Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday when we announced PlanetQuest to the world. The fact that we’ve been able to bring together a community of over 200K passionate Explorers in just four months astounds us still. Your engagement drives the community forward and without it PlanetQuest would not be able to thrive. You all play an integral role in creating an immersive universe where every member is welcomed to join a faction and begin having an impact as a fellow Explorer.

Besides staring at the Discord server and amazingly watching the number of members grow before our very eyes (which took up more time than we’re willing to admit), the last four months were also filled with a lot of work. So far, we were able to reveal the in-house Genesis Engine and show the first images of the procedurally generated planets, we shared the planet classes, concept art and formally welcomed some prominent members of the team to the community! But that’s not all, we introduced the Explorer Passport, which holds all of your well-deserved points and rewards, of which we’ve minted quite a few already. We launched the Ambassador program for those of you who want to be even more involved. Along with the decentralized storyline, Whitepaper and a bunch of fun events, we have been keeping busy. But all of this was only the tip of the iceberg (or tip of the ice planet, if you can excuse a bad joke).

”We are creating a cinematic gaming universe that is built, from the ground up, to offer amazing experiences for a community without borders”

PlanetQuest, both as a game and a multiverse, is meant for you. We keep the Explorers in mind and at the heart of everything we create. We want to share everything with you as soon as possible, but we still approach development with the highest standards. This means that if we don’t believe something we created is on par with what the community deserves, we won’t be sharing it until it is improved. At the same time, we love sharing things with you as early as possible (sometimes even earlier than planned). We believe in developing the game before your very eyes, and your enthusiasm has proven this was the right decision.

Of course, just promising we’ll share things with you as early as we can is not enough. We understand that you are curious and excited and have many questions as to when you’ll be able to tap into the game and its perks. So, with the first Planet Sale coming up, we thought there was no better than now to share PQ’s Roadmap!

Below, you’ll find an outline of game development and other releases that we plan on throughout this year up until the start of 2023. Of course, this is not everything we’ll be releasing, as we do love the occasional surprise. But this roadmap shows the broad strokes of what to expect in the upcoming year. We hope you enjoy this look towards the future while we continue down this road together. We could not do this without you, as you are the backbone of PlanetQuest!

The Future of PlanetQuest

Q2 2022

Planet Sale: This quarter will be hallmarked by the first Planet Sale! This first sale will be a community sale, so that the most active and enthusiastic members will be among the first to get their hands on a Planet. Website upgrade: Along with the Planet Sale, we will be releasing a new upgraded website! This website will hold more information about the game, its community and our partners & investors, as well as hosting the Planet Sale application process. Pre-public token sale: During this period, we’ll also be wrapping up the last of our pre-public token sales, allowing key investors and partners to take part in the PlanetQuest journey, as well as bringing in additional funding to expand the PlanetQuest universe well beyond gaming alone.

Q3 2022

Guild Sale: In this period, we’re also aiming to release the Guild NFTs. Guild owners can rally together planets owned by players and generate additional Quantum to bolster their armory and fund other Guild initiatives. We’ll be releasing more details on Guild functionality leading up to this, but it’s definitely something to look forward to. Public Token Listing + Sale: In Q3 of this year, Quantum is set to go live! Quantum (PQX) is at the center of the PlanetQuest economy. Players can use it to buy, sell and construct gear and lend this to other players. All asset owners: gear, planet, and guild owners can earn Quantum (PQX) through lending and other player interactions. Planet Surface Previews: Although we have released some concept art already, we are looking forward to showing you the first (live) previews of the surface of PQ’s planets, right in your browser! This showcase will focus on your visual experience outlining what features and scenery can be discovered on a planet’s surface.

Q4 2022

Gear Sale: At the end of the year, we expect to conduct an initial sale of in-game gear to fill out the initial armory and help players get started. This gear can be used in-game or stripped for parts that can be used to construct higher tier gear. Gameplay previews: PQ’s initial gameplay previews will allow players to experience small slices of PlanetQuest gameplay. During these preview sessions, we will collect feedback from the Explorer community and use this feedback to greenlight, or modify gameplay features.

Q1 2023

Early access: Early 2023 we will be releasing the early access version of PlanetQuest and opening our doors to the first wave of players! You’ll be able to gear up and head out on missions with friends and faction members and experience the first layers of PlanetQuest gameplay, as we continue to release more content and features every quarter.

We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the future of PlanetQuest! As mentioned before, this is only a part of all the things we are planning on sharing with you in the years to come. We will keep you looped in on any changes and more updates! We still have a novel to publish, a decentralized story to continue, and maybe some other content to share with you soon. Allow us to reiterate, because we truly cannot stress this enough, thank you for being a part of PlanetQuest. This journey would not be possible without you and we’re over the moon at the prospect of continuing to create for you and, most importantly, with you.

Strap in, Explorers.

This is only the beginning.