Idena Chronicles - Epoch #0085

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Idena Chronicles

Epoch #0085

Read Idena Chronicles (Russian edition by @IDENA World)

Network metrics

Active miners — total number of actively mining identities running their own mining nodes or delegated into mining pools.

Mining nodes — total number of full mining nodes run by individual identities or pool owners who activated online status.

Newcomers — number of addresses that validated for the first time

Success ratio — share of users attended the validation and successfully validated

Active wallets — unique wallets that made transactions during the last epoch

Competitors Network stats Identities by status Total transactions Markets Node type stats for the last validation

Nodes on VPS — users running their nodes on VPS

Built-in nodes — users of the Idena Desktop App with build-in node

Shared nodes (web) — Web App users renting shared nodes via marketplace

N/A — users running outdated versions of nodes (VPS/built-in nodes)

Unknown shared nodes (web ) — Web App users who connect to shared nodes that are not listed in the Idena shared nodes marketplace

The data is given for the latest validation.

To have a smooth and reliable validation ceremony experience, we recommend using VPS or built-in nodes if you have fast Internet connection and good router, or the nodes listed in the node marketplace in the official Idena Web App in other cases.

Reporting performance Idena Core Team Development Summary: Zoom feature for images in the Web App Sample of flips with adversarial noise Warning dialogue before resetting a training validation Displaying the status of the Idena node Auto activation of mining status in the Desktop App The publication on Hackernoon The upcoming hard fork Introducing zoom feature for images in the Web App

Check out our new zoom feature in the Web app. It is useful when the images on the flips are too small or blurry.

Hover over a flip and click on a zoom button in the upper right corner. Also, double clicking on the image will zoom in the particular image.

Zoom feature in action Sample of flips with adversarial noise

As you may already know from Idena Chronicles 82, we work on adversarial perturbations for images which includes a combination of adversarial noise, hue shifting and a random mirroring. It is in the pipeline of our RoadMap as flips security improvements.

We encourage you to pass the training validation based on a sample of flips with adversarial noise. Test yourself to check if you can solve such flips here:

We are aware that sometimes it could be hard to discern what is in the image with this noise. Do not hesitate to use the new zoom feature which might be very handy in these cases.

In some cases this adversarial noise heavily worsens the results of object recognition by a computer vision API like Google Vision.

Original image (results by Google Vision) Image with adversarial perturbations (results by Google Vision) Original image (results by Google Vision) Image with adversarial perturbations (results by Google Vision) Original image (results by Google Vision) Image with adversarial perturbations (results by Google Vision)

We plan to add the adversarial noise generation into the Idena flip master.

Warning dialogue before resetting a training validation

For users who have already successfully passed the training validation we have added a dialogue form when scheduling a new validation. It warns that the existing training validation certificate will be reset.

Displaying the status of the Idena node

The new Idena App version displays the status of the Idena node during heavy updates. We plan to upgrade the IPFS storage version in the next releases of Idena node. The process of migration can take for a while. The migration progress will be displayed at the Synchronizing status page in the Idena client version 0.30.1 or higher.

Auto activation of mining status in the Desktop app

We have added a new option “Activate mining status automatically” in the Settings of the Desktop app. This feature can be helpful if you have frequent disconnections of the Internet.

If the option is enabled, the mining status is activated automatically as the connection is restored and the node is synchronized.

The publication on Hackernoon

Our team has published a post about Idena on Hackernoon, the leading tech blog about coding, blockchain and startups.

Idena on the main page of Hackernoon

In case you missed it, here is the link:

Please share this link in your social media.

The upcoming hard fork

We’ve been working on the most anticipated hard fork which will be announced soon. The upcoming fork will include the following main features:

a new reporting mechanism which will exclude non-reporting identities from the qualification committees; the IIP-3 implementation which will discriminate the voting power of pool delegators that undelegate and identities with Newbie status; Quadratic staking in accordance with the IIP-4

Also, protection of identities with Human status from validation failure will be added:

if the Total score of an identity with Human status drops below 75%, it will get status Suspended If an identity with Human status and age > 10 solves less than 32 flips on the last 10 short sessions, the Total score will take into account the last 11 or more validations so the cumulative number of counted flips is 32 or higher.

Follow our announcements for the upcoming hard fork updates.

Community Global community channels Top active users

Community Discord leaderboard:

Telegram — Global community leaderboard:

Telegram — Idena Balkan leaderboard:

Telegram — Idena Italia leaderboard:

Telegram — Idena France leaderboard:

If you want to feature your telegram community leaderboard in the Idena Chronicles, please add ComBot to your telegram group and add @AndrewIdena to the list of group admins to give the Idena core team access to your group stats.

Idena website translations Idena website translations Idena website translations by languages Idena Web App translations Idena Web App translations by languages

Credits for the contribution (in brackets is the number of updated strings):

* Arabic

* EgyptianPharaoh <[email protected]> (198)

We invite you to join the idena translation community and contribute to the translation of the Idena website to your language!

If you want to take part in translation verification and funding, please contact Syd or Rioda to join the translation management workgroup.

Idena Affiliate Program

The rewards for the Idena Affiliate Program have been paid to all referrers who have validated candidates for the last validation and who did not delegate their mining status:

Everyone can apply to become an affiliate. Get your referral link, invite people to Idena and earn for each validated identity you brought! Find how to start on the Affiliate Program page.

Community updates

Edited by Syd

Hey Humans! Every epoch the community keeps growing and the size of the network reaches new highs. This is made possible thanks to everyone’s participation in making Idena widely known. And good news, in these Chronicles, we have new things that can be shared for that purpose!

Understanding Idena — The Human-Centric Blockchain

Idena team released on Hackernoon an introduction to Idena, focusing this time on the democratic and inclusive aspects of the project. The article lists, with some brilliant statements, some of the issues in today’s crypto space and shows how Idena is designed to tackle these.

“At the heart of Idena is the simple belief that everybody should have equal voting rights. There should be no skewing of votes based on mining ability or money being staked.”

Yes, Idena is the first human-centric cryptocurrency, and we can make this fact known by spreading the word and sharing the article.

How to leverage Idena for fair distribution

We’ve discussed regularly on how Idena can be leveraged for fair airdrops and distribution. One of the main issue at the moment in crypto-currencies’ skewed power distribution is not always related to some bad intent or blind greed, but actually that many times, builders don’t even realize the possibility of having a democratic distribution.

That’s why one article on Baffler suggested a process regarding that aspect on how to make developers aware of Idena. As a community member, you can all play a role in that regard.

How to report flips by @LTraveler

A well known Idena community member, LTraveler, also known as Fireshift on Discord, made a series of videos about Idena. His last video presents a topic less taught — but as important — regarding bad flips, the importance of reporting them correctly and how you can be rewarded for that.

Check this out (subtitles in English) and share it to your fellow Idena members!

Notable Tweets

Idena community got talent! This time we had a funny flip involving a ninja… mouse One of Idena known ambassador, Adli, passed his Idena validation in a train… and made a French MP like the tweet!

Community Wallet

Address: 0x943832AfD0C54136eeb4bBdA2cfb8579F86F63Cc

Amount (25th April 2022): 29 548,992 iDNA

The governance project is still an ongoing work (ICYMI, Ubiubi proposal:

Rioda is making major work at the moment, despite all the challenges he encounters, in order to enable multisig and Ubiubi2018 proposal. This is a crucial step that is possible thanks to his dedication.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in working and/or discussing on this topic, please come in Idena Discord and join the dedicated channel (#community-wallet-governance).