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Which P-Rep should you vote for? We put together a summary of the 53 candidates and their proposed contributions to the ICON Network

1. VELIC — 14.3% of total votes

Velic is a financial services platform (DApp) on the ICON Network.

Proposed Contribution:

DApp Development: building a financial services platform for providing custody, trading, lending and asset management services. Promoting activity on the ecosystem by generating sizable transactions Providing Services to DApps: IRC DApp’s IEO/IAO + listing, due dilligence, user acquisition, funding, cash flow management, corporate finance / asset management, key storage, staking services 2. Ubik Capital — 12.2% of total votes

Ubik is a group of ICON community supporters / developers.

Proposed Contribution:

Community Outreach: educate and spread ICON awareness on social media, with businesses, and on university campuses by hosting hackathons, ICON meetups and more. Technical Contribution: produce tutorials to promote and teach ICON use cases, benefits, and applications. Produce technical tutorials, develop ICON DApps for the community, and build useful software tools for ICON. 3. ICX_Station — 11.2% of total votes

ICX_Station is an ICON-focused accelerator, incubator, and research hub.

Proposed Contribution:

Acceleration / Incubation: supporting projects admitted into the accelerator program with token economics, business models, fundraising support, investment, project management and more Education / Research: growing the developer community through hackathons, educational meetups. Providing research pieces, macro-market analysis reports, and pieces on the direction of the industry 4. ICONation —8.7% of total votes

ICONation is a group of ICONists with various technical backgrounds.

Proposed Contribution:

Development Contributions: developing SDK’s and DApps. Providing education and support resources for developers through an initiative called Loopchain Lab. Community Services: encouraging community participation. Promoting community education and remove threats from s...
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