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block42 contributes to ICON — Update #2 🔥

block42 contributes to ICON — Update #2

In this blog series we would like to keep you regularly updated about our latest contributions to the ICON ecosystem. So let’s have a look what happened between August 30th and September 6th.

ICX Stakr released

Our ambition is to contribute to the ICON ecosystem. We’ve talked to a lot of ICONists and saw a demand in a straightforward simple to use tool for calculating one’s staking rewards. Therefore we created https://icxstakr.io. The feedback we received was amazing! Just within the first days of release, more than seven hundred people used the tool. Christian Lanz described the ICX Stark in a blog post in more detail. Give us your feedback. We’re happy to further improve the tool towards your needs.

ICON Europe

On Wednesday, 4th ICON Europe P-Rep candidates conducted a video conference talking about initiatives and goals ICON Europe should pursue. Since every P-Rep is and forever will stay independent it is important to find consensus about the amount of contribution everyone would like to bring in and which direction ICON Europe should take. Thanks to POS Bakerz, Everstake, Chainode Capital, Piconbello and Blockmove for joining in!

We’re also delighted to announce an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with all ICON Europe members on Wednesday September 11th, @6:00pm (UTC+2) on Reddit.

Ask your questions here: http://bit.ly/ICONRedditAMA

Community voting dApp

block42’s developer team is making great progress in building an on-chain community voting tool. Paul Plessing described the dApp in more detail here. We’ll release the first version of the dApp next week and are looking forward to getting your feedback.

P-Rep voting

From August 30th on we received about 100k additional votes for our P-Rep election resulting in more than 1.7m votes for block42. We’re really delighted to get such positive feedback from the community and are fully convinced to continue our contr...

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