HUSH Weekly Update! (Week 26)

5Y Ago
Weekly Update, Week 26

The weekly update is delayed since I've had a bad migraine ever since Wednesday morning This will be a shorter update since I'm still not feeling well.

Work in progress New ANN is being worked on, I'll show you a teaser of it. Only plain text is left now. Further development on the Messaging protocol. There's been good progress here so far! HUSH Counterparty Development will keep going. Completed work so far this week, that is worth mentioning Official Windows Wallet is released. You can find it at our website. What to look forward to within a near future New Announcement Thread. It will look so rad! Don't miss out - listen to David on Crypto Core Radio Talk!

*David was on Crypto Core Radio last Tuesday, you can listen to it here. It's about an hour long and covers pretty much everything!

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