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Huobi x CoinMarketCal 👀 A Coin To Keep Your Eye On!

Huobi x CoinMarketCal 👀 A Coin To Keep Your Eye On!

What is XMR?

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have transparent blockchains, Monero uses cryptography to shield sending and receiving addresses, as well as transacted amounts. Every Monero transaction, by default, obfuscates sending and receiving addresses as well as transacted amounts. Monero is fungible. This means Monero will always be accepted without the risk of censorship. Monero is not a corporation. It is developed by cryptography and distributed systems experts from all over the world that donate their time or are funded by community donations. This means that Monero can’t be shut down by any one country and is not constrained by any particular legal jurisdiction.

XMR/BTC 1D Feb. 3rd 21:41:35 Analysis

XMR has enjoyed a health bullish trend in January, with bottom-buyers experiencing a 34% gain. as the price broke though a significant monthly level. This monthly level around 0.00748 gave support during a brief test last week, encouraging bulls to push up while creating a bullish cross on the Ichimoku cloud.

A breakthrough could give excellent returns for buyers in the current area, with considerable room to climb to the next resistance around the weekly level at 0.009387 or beyond to the daily/weekly orders around 0.010714.

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