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Summary of Sacred Capital Project AMA (9/12) on the Holochain Forum

Summary of Sacred Capital Project AMA (9/12) on the Holochain Forum

If you missed the Sacred Capital Project AMA, check out a recap of the questions and responses!

Our next Forum AMA w/Junto is Thursday, September 26th @ 12PM EST. Sign up and ask your questions here.

1. Could you share how reputation staking works?Reputation staking is one of the principles of the Reputation economy — since it has a non-zero sum, it can’t be spent, but it can be staked.

In an agent-centric environment, when you “stake your reputation” on something, it implies you are willing to place an activity in one app/ecosystem to provide more context to another.

This is initiated by the app creators, who propose a stake, and it is completed when you, the user, consents. This consent essentially allows you to import context into this new application.

This means you’re not engaging in the new application in a sterile manner, like a stranger would, but with a rich social backdrop (check some of the other examples shared above). If you believe the past reputation isn’t relevant in the application, you can choose not to consent.

Reputation Intercharge 2. Why would it be easier for users to build a reputation through your app VS through the user’s own activities/interactions within their app?

In the first phase of our rollout, our focus is on building a common foundation that can be shared by applications. We’re exploring conversations with the Holo team to release a set of standards and frameworks for data structures and zomes that will be used by all apps for reputation computations. Once this is in place, we’ll shift to Phase 2. This involves providing users a dashboard to navigate the new economy. Think of it as a control panel through which you can build and harness your reputation wealth to modulate your engagements in the new economy. The attached image should offer some insights.

3. Can you provide more details on the revenue mod...
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