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Holochain digital asset report and token grade - by Crypto Briefing

Part One: The Business Case Holochain Market Opportunities

HOLO has set sights on becoming a large-scale player in the cloud computing market. To capture a piece of that market through a decentralized play, the project aims to solve two major issues preventing p2p web hosting from becoming the norm.

Traditionally, blockchain-based approaches to web hosting require hosts to store high loads of content on a device- in the instance of a decentralized Facebook, it would be unrealistic to expect a small group of nodes to accomplish this. In the case of Holochain, when a host device is queried, other members of that community supply the photos, etc. all packaged as an html file, so you don’t have to have the entirety of that app and all its data on a single device. This approach is similar to what cloud computing companies already do – except those machines are all behind one shop’s door instead of distributed across a network.

HoloFuel is incorporated to solve another purported problem for p2p web hosting- transactions and fees; historically, making payments on decentralized networks has been expensive. Paying a host 1/3 of a penny doesn’t make sense if the transaction fee exceeds the micro-payment.

In the crypto world, the accounting cost more often than not outweighs the worth of whatever dApp is being utilized (see almost any ETH based dApp at the moment); HoloFuel enables members of community to produce microtransactions without prohibitive costs, by storing transaction data exclusively on nodes that have an interest in interacting with one another, rather than across a global chain.

As a “framework for the distributed web”, HOLO has a protocol layer to build dApps (Ethereum), scalable distributed computing (iExec) and utilizes a non-blockchain-based means of achieving agreement between parties (Hashgraph).

While there are no direct comparison points to Holochain in the cryptospace, the above mentioned projects represent...

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Sounds quite a bit like Holochain

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Sounds quite a bit like Holochain

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