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📣Company Announcement ⚡️Org Reset for Strategic Focus⚡️

With the intent to responsibly manage our short-term costs and reach our milestones for Beta MainNet and beyond, we’ve made the difficult and strategic decision here at Holo to reduce the size of our team in an effort to significantly lower our burn rate.

In the past 18 months we scaled fast, doubling in size since our ICO. The changes we are making today are in part a response to the reality of operating and delivering on our product roadmap in a complex environment. This reset is about streamlining operations and enabling focus on product delivery as we move towards continued releases to customers.

It is with immense gratitude, deep appreciation and sorrow that we say goodbye to those who are leaving at this time. Please reach out to [email protected] if your team is in need of talented operations staff, coaches, coders, and communications specialists who have experience in a distributed, remote company.

While it’s difficult to make organisational changes, it’s even more difficult to express this to the public and at the same time have to say goodbye to friends, colleagues, and partners who’ve put their brilliance and their hearts into realising the vision of Holo and Holochain.

You can count on us to share more about why we’re doing this, how we’re doing it, and what our plans for 2020 will look like in the coming weeks. We are so grateful for the wide-ranging communities that support this work. Thank you.

Mary Camacho Executive Director

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