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A Bridge to the New Internet: Holo Enables Peer-to-Peer Hosting of Decentralized and Scalable Holochain Applications

TL; DR: Holo, a new distributed hosting platform, aims to create a marketplace for peer-to-peer applications that anyone on the internet can use. The idea is to replace centralized servers with the excess computing power of a decentralized community paid in value-stable cryptocurrency. Often described as the Airbnb of web hosting, Holo is charting a decentralized future for the hosting industry.

Few buzzwords are as loaded as “disruption.” Depending on your perspective, the term can evoke excitement or fear. Corporate giants often associate it with the latter, but for everyday consumers, disruption is typically advantageous.

Consider what Airbnb has done for the pocketbooks of travelers, what Tesla is doing for our planet (and beyond), and what Uber is doing to make taxis affordable. As technologies continue to advance, new disruptors will emerge across additional industries.

Holo, a cloud hosting platform for distributed applications, is one of those disruptors. The organization’s open-source community believes it’s no longer acceptable to allow our online communications to flow through centralized web servers where corporations control our experiences.

David Atkinson, Commercial Director, gave us the scoop on Holo, a decentralized hosting platform.

Instead, Holo is seeking to decentralize the internet, expanding its potential for collaboration and creativity. It’s an undertaking, for sure, but the Holo team believes it’s worth the wait. “The movement from a centralized to decentralized world will take a long time and require a lot of changes in buying habits,” said David Atkinson, Commercial Director at Holo.

Holo will encourage that change through the HoloPort, a device built for hosting apps that will be used by mainstream web users. “Having a box is one way of getting people who are kind of interested, but not so techie, to plug something in and participate in the economy,” David said. “They just want to be able to i...

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