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Hippie Tech This will become just as much of a disservice to HIRO as it will be for the coins/ ALTS, dumped by the pool. Many/most do not think favourably of multi pools. HIRO's image will suffer because of that. You forgot to mention how you will achieve the 30% if the price increases.Remember peeps... if its too good to be true..   wow, ok, so your point of view is plainly clear, you obviously have an agenda. either that or you're clinically retarded. since when does a multipool which buys that one coin not act favorably towards the coin, are you even sure what you're talking about?I was in on the very genesis of the development of the first multipool for Blackcoin, i was in IRC when Radiostatic had his meltdown and gave the reigns to Legion development. I helped gnu_user test the database of the new multipool one late night after another. and do you remember how "favorably" that affected BC's price? going from 500 satoshis to 30,000, peaking at around 90,000. so do us all a favor and stop spreading FUD. or do your homework and learn what it is that you're actually talking about.and by the way, has anyone seen the increased activity today on the trading price on mintpal? it's broken 400 sat and looks to keep on climbing. take a peek at those buy orders stacking up. about to be a fun time for the real #1 x11 coin. (which doesn't have any darksend BS feature that will only backfire when it gets banned from all major exchanges) Hm, why the rage and the tone, chill out man.If a coin rises a few ticks on 3 BTC total turnover its not really a reason to cheer. Look where its at today.This whole multipool crap is a rather desperate attempt, the effect is marginal. And now bark again. MEEEfreakinOOOW THIS COIN WAS INSTAMINED ! Block 1 was found less than a minute after this thread was posted.Time: 1394867933 (2014-03-15 07:18:53)
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