no rain yet for the Pentathlon challenge in May

cryptocurrencytalk.com5y ago

As per Erkan's post regarding the Pentathlon rain, it is proceeding with the intent of publishing the Cosmology results first.  Because this is a volunteer effort and  in our free time, there have been some delays encountered regarding how information is presented, shared with other parties involved and other questions of methodology.  Also noted,  there are some "errors" with the data (at least one observation period's data for one project had to be discarded) so extra care is being taken to make certain that all data is consistent.  As your math teacher told you, "show all work" also plays into this and making that information available and in an easy -to-read format is also a "deliverable". 


There is significantly more involved than "adding a few numbers".  The processes of validating the data, correcting for missing information and documenting the reasons why all  add serious amounts of time to the effort.   Add to it the logistics of consensus and you start to understand why things have taken so long.  Things are moving along quite nicely with Cosmo and results should be available shortly for everyone's review.  We thank everyone for their patience and understanding.