Gridcoin Millionth Block Commemorative Coin

5Y Ago

Time to make a poll: ' Foundation to buy gold coins for all crunchers' =)

On a more serious note, we can do coins in plastics for free in low/medium volume. Beyond that, it would cost a little to buy the print cartridges. Labour will be us, so free.

With respect to metals, we can do small volume at incredibly high resolution on the CnC mill, also free, in any 'normal' metal softer than tool-steel. We can also print the coin in titanium, but that would be very costly. Once we have an indication of preferred size I can go price that up as a matter of interest.

We can also do the coins in wood, but the height differential would be replaced with laser etching. Essentially, the 'coins' would be flat discs of wood with the images burnt on. The build table for the laser is massive, and could do 100s of coins in one go. We would have to test resolution of finer details.

We will go make a plastic version of this coin on the machines available to demonstrate the build quality early next week.