0.16 soon

github.com4y ago

Main feature of the new release is the support for the Ethereum mainnet. You can now connect Golem to Ethereum mainnet and earn/spend real GNT for computation (please remember that you also need a little bit ETH to make transaction on Ethereum blockchain with Golem).


Ethereum mainnet version of Golem service final version of terms of use default prices decreased support for geth.golem.network domain improved payment-related logs prevent payments to zero address and to requestor’s address funds are unlocked after task is deleted or has timed out GNT/ETH withdrawals added bugfixes and cleanups


Bignumber.js implementation Mainnet RPC fully connected Safe termination implemented on Windows Gas cost estimates added for withdrawals Onboarding screen updated New header/menu style applied 
Luxrender disabled on mainnet Custom geth option refurbished
 Advanced resource units & related calculations updated Terms and conditions implemented 
Client-side password printing mechanism implemented
 History timestamp bug fixed
 Minor UI bugfixes UX bugfixes & implementations