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Golem employed to explore the origins of life: deep-dive into our collaboration with Allchemy

In August 2020, the Golem team announced [email protected], the first scientific use-case running on Clay, the former iteration of our protocol.

After this first announcement, we continued to work with our research partners and conceived a follow-up project, [email protected] The LIFE project is the result of the knowledge acquired through the process of developing and running CHEM. In fact, LIFE uses a family of similar algorithms but sets to achieve a much more ambitious goal.

“We are very pleased to finally reveal the fruit of our longtime collaboration with Allchemy, a project that has the potential of becoming a watershed point for the scientific and blockchain communities. The project demonstrates to the blockchain community that reputable life-sciences partners such as Allchemy see practical potential in Golem and can prove it by utilizing the protocol. And, in the context of Golem’s future, provided that the collaboration works out as expected, it lays down a framework (or process) to interconnect scientific facilities to the protocol - almost on demand.” - Piotr Janiuk, Golem Factory Founder and CEO.

This post explains details of the LIFE project and spotlights our Allchemy partners, who are the original creators of the Life engine.

Allchemy and the Life engine

Allchemy is a privately held, US-based company developing hybrid, AI/knowledge-based algorithms for environmentally friendly synthesis and discovery of new bioactive molecules.

Allchemy was founded by Dr. Sara Szymkuć and Prof. Bartosz Grzybowski, a renowned scientist and author of ca. 300 publications, including 40+ in Nature/Science journals. Prof. Grzybowski is the inventor of the Chematica retrosynthetic platform (now acquired by Sigma-Aldrich/Merck marketed as Synthia™), acknowledged by the Chemistry World and Chemistry and Engineering News journals as one of the most important discoveries of years 2016, 2019, and 2020.

Indeed, Chematica ha...

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