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Golem Beta 2 Patch Release - v0.7.3

We’ve just released a new patch for Golem. This release, codenamed Zenashe (v0.7.3), contains some minor improvements to Golem requestors and providers. For more information you can check out the beta.2.patch.3 tag.

This release is completely backwards compatible with the release so both getting started and updating is as easy as running one command. Please update your nodes so that you’re not running on old software of Golem.

Installing and Upgrading Golem - Yagna v0.7.3

Starting out or going from the recent major releases to this patch release involves running only the quick installation command. After stopping Golem / Yagna (with CTRL+C), run the command below and you’re all up to date! Or if you're installing for the first time you can simply run the commands below.


curl -sSf | bash -


curl -sSf | bash -

As security advice for both requestors and providers, you should be backing up your keys if you have mainnet tokens. You can back up your keys to your wallet with the export command (while Golem is running):

yagna id export --file-path=./key.json

Getting started with Golem for the first time?

If you’re just getting started with Golem for the first time, you want to go to the handbook. It includes the installation steps as a Provider or Requestor (video walk-through), along with explanations and important details such as Command-Line Interface (CLI).

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