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Breakthrough in privacy and data integrity by Golem, Intel, ITL, UNC, and Texas A&M University: meet the Graphene Project

Golem is proud to announce a new milestone in collaboration with Intel, ITL and researchers Don Porter and Chia-Che Tsai (now faculty at UNC and Texas A&M University). We are working to deliver a production-grade solution for application portability, security, and data integrity - at this stage directed towards decentralized use-cases.

Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) are isolated hardware spaces, or environments, in the infrastructure called “enclaves”, where code can run protected from the host, and the data remains confidential and preserves its integrity, even if the enclave is located on a compromised machine.

These are different from regular security containers, which protect the host from the container - but do not protect what’s inside the container from the host.

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) is, out of the existing TEEs, the most mature one. This technology was developed by Intel. However, Intel SGX faced various challenges. Graphene is a project that addresses such challenges when adapted to Intel SGX.

Why Graphene?

Intel SGX is not easy to adapt for every application, and as it stands, it’s not exactly simple to integrate. We are developing Graphene as a solution for developers to adopt Intel SGX more broadly, without a need to tweak their applications. There are three main goals we want to achieve by Graphene’s development:

- Portability: making applications built for Linux work on other OSes.

- Intel SGX support: creating an execution framework for Intel SGX that enables unmodified applications to run in it.

- Usability: to execute applications in SGX with minimal developer overhead, also in decentralized ecosystem for: servers, atomic swaps, distributed exchanges, Minimal Viable Plasma, Hoard and data streaming, to name a few.

Golem + ITL

We started working towards the goal of developing a production-grade solution for Intel SGX in 2017. In...

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