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Federate This ANO - July 2018 Update

Federate This — July Update Crossing the Chasm

Hello from London/Dubai!

This month we’ve also been to Bangkok, Singapore, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Mauritius, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Milan, St.Petersburg, Seattle, Moscow, and Tehran.


The last month has been about setting up for a high-growth business. There’s so much to do!

‘Off-Blocks’ is our Mobile App for Digital Identity.

Pleased to report the Website is basically finished — i’m now writing 6–8 content articles before the launch. There is a lot of scepticism around Blockchain technology, especially post bubble, so the plan is to spend some time reassuring potential customers through semi-educational blog posts.

In keeping with the App design, we’ve tried to hide away all the complexities of Blockchain to look as clean as possible. Really happy with the results.

Our ‘Explainer Video’ is finished too, although i’ve had to ask for the voiceover to be re-read as it was a bit bland. Will need to tweak the animation slightly to match minor differences in timings.

Explainer Video

This was a ‘complex’ Explainer Video, and i’ll be commissioning two more ‘simple’ ones regarding app features.

I’m sure many have seen the glazed eyes of a man nodding along to a description of a hash function! I believe the best way to explain the benefits over existing tech is to show it in action, rather than talk about how it works.

We’ve also finished a comprehensive Market Research project. A 76 page presentation that helped us understand our competitors, how to target customers and pitch to investors. This is largely specific to our own Mobile App, but has some general market insight too.

Market Research Report Off-Blocks

Back in June we completed the PoC of our application. This showed off the working technology, including functioning API’s etc. Since then, we’ve been completing the UX/UI phase using InVision — a tool for displaying app pro...

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