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Why The Real Estate Industry is So Excited about REX

Why The Real Estate Industry is So Excited about REX “REX is the real estate global platform with the ability to transact real estate, share data, collaborate and communicate with trust. And you get paid to do it! I’m all in!” -Duke Long

By now, we’re all well aware of the vast potential of blockchain technology and the positive impact it may have on individuals and industries alike. But that potential coming to fruition is entirely dependent on blockchain-based projects proving their value by solving problems in the real world. REX — a global MLS listing platform that democratizes access and engagement with real estate data — presents an excellent example of developers using blockchain technology (in this instance Ethereum and the Interplanetary File System) to transform an industry with a simple solution and a clear roadmap.

With last week’s release of the REX Pre-Alpha and the impending token sale launch on July 31, anticipation for REX has reached new highs, and this extends to the real estate industry as well the blockchain community. Property developers, investors, realtors, brokers, appraisers, buyers, and sellers alike can all see the value that REX brings to their own work, and the project has found eager supporters in every corner of the real estate industry.

“Real estate agents are thrilled about the launch of REX,” says Jill Chodorov Kaminsky, a real estate agent in Washington DC and New York City, and a frequent contributor to The Washington Post. “Whereas Zillow is a bait-and-switch operation interested in its own bottom line, REX rewards agents for uploading property listings to the REX database.”

Chodorov Kaminsky’s steadfast support of REX is indicative of a much wider trend in the real estate industry of professionals acknowledging that what’s currently available in terms of listing platforms is failing them, and that REX presents a very real path to a solution. “Zillow has hijacked us, and it’s time to take b...

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