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Uniswap token launch “sparks life” into Ethereum as DeFi uptrend resumes

The recent Uniswap token (UNI) launch has excited the crypto industry, sending shockwaves throughout the market and even catalyzing an Ethereum upswing.

This was an unprecedented token introduction, as it granted all the platforms’ users with a minimum of 400 UNI worth over $1,300 at the time of writing.

Investors and users have been speculating about the imminent release of a Uniswap token for weeks. However, little concrete information was available until the platform released a blog post detailing the token release yesterday.

In this post, the decentralized AMM outlined the distribution curve of the token, and the governance rights holders are entitled to. They also announced that UNI rewards would be spread across four pools for the next 60 days for liquidity providers.

The launch of the token kindled an Ethereum uptrend that is showing few signs of slowing down, leading one analyst to forecast further gains in the near-term.

Uniswap launches highly anticipated governance token

Yesterday evening, users began noticing activity on Etherscan surrounding a token called Uniswap (UNI). Sure enough, just a handful of minutes later, the protocol released a blog post announcing the launch of their governance token.

The token, which has a total supply of one billion, but a circulating supply of 65 million at the present moment, saw an extremely successful launch, despite the widespread distribution.

It even caused Ethereum gas fees to rocket higher, at one point reaching an average gwei of 900.

After dropping below $1.00 during its initial listing, the cryptocurrency eventually surged up towards $4.00.

In the time since, its price has settled within the mid-$3.00 region, with its stability in the face of relentless sell pressure from those who received the 400 airdropped tokens not outweighing the buy-side pressure.

Ethereum price rockets following UNI launch 

In addition to causing Ethereum ga...

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