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Trump v Biden, The Choice

America is to vote for the oldest president in its history, during a time of re-alignment, at the dawn of the space age, and at the beginning of a new tech powered industrial revolution.

Regardless of what the polls say, it is probable this will be a very close race for neither candidate is quite appealing and both are very faulty.

That that is nonetheless the choice, is yet another indication to this millennial generation of just how far our democracy and our right to representation has fallen.

But that’s the choice, a visionless president either way. The dull slow decline of the past, or a quarreling with allies. A sclerotic civil service, or an even more sclerotic one. Choking regulations, or even more new choking ones.

The Trump presidency has been eventful. The wars in Arabia maybe have ended, but now we have a war against air. Strauss still rules thus.

What has been achieved? Economically, this space has been affected significantly by SEC, which told Americans to their faces “we won’t innovate for you.”

Drain the swamp, he claimed. Had he done so, 2019 would have not opened with symbolic guillotines in the streets of Paris.

Free Hong Kong, revolution of our times, was the cry. What did Trump tell them as the Hong Kong “police” raided the students?

The Holy Site of Jerusalem, which should be a city state like the Vatican, has been politicized under this presidency which demands embassies are opened there.

The scary atmosphere especially around 2018 for non-natives has now subsided, but watching a knee on a neck, what president does not apologize within hours to the American public, for he is ultimately the Commander in Chief.

Watching Russian mercenaries in Libya – as his own administration claims – what did Trump do? Who faulted Scottish Whisky to deserve tariffs?

This year opened with America unveiling 52 stealth fighter jets. That episode closed with the claimed accidental...

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