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Top 4 highly underrated ICO’s and projects to keep an eye on

Top 4 highly underrated ICO’s and projects to keep an eye on

These are the ones that don’t spam advertise on Coin Market Cap and re-target Facebook trying to build excessive hype so there is a good chance you haven’t heard of these and that is because a lot are known only within the deep community.

Viewly The Viewly project attempts to create a decentralized YouTube and is not only a great concept, but its lead by a well known developer @FURION who worked on the Steemit project and has an amazing reputation within the community. Vasja Zupan, COO of Bitstamp one of the biggest exchanges in Europe is also backing the project. Their community Pre-ICO funding for the VIEW token is still open for a couple more days and raised over 2000 ETH within minutes. Amazing for a project which literally spent $0 on advertising or promotion, clearly the community has faith in this project which has me to believe this is not another overvalued ICO that is heavily spammed everywhere. Looks like Viewly will be one of the rare gems in the coming months of development which will have a ton of long term value. They currently have a functioning alpha version running on the Steem blockchain and IPFS. Current State: Pre-ICO is open for 2 more days and is 75% complete.

AION Network The AION-1 project is an attempt to create a Multi-Teir Blockchain network as well as maintaining a public record of transaction between bridges. This concept brings an entire new level to the blockchain space and is essentially facilitating a network that is to blockchains what the internet is to computers. An interesting and promising concept for the entire blockchain community none the less. AION is founded by a group of former Deloitte employees who have many years of experience in the field of decentralized applications and core blockchain development. Current State: Pre-ICO is still going and the community support is strong.

Augur Even though the...

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