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The District Daily - July 8th, 2017 – Updates from the district0x Network

The District Weekly - July 8th, 2017 Updates from the district0x Network

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The District Weekly, a new publication from the district0x team tracking the latest developments from the network. To learn more about district0x, check out our white paper and join us on Slack.

district0x Network News We are thrilled to announce the addition of Alexander Khoriaty to the district0x team as Project Manager The district0x Power Plant was introduced as a means of fueling the growth of the district0x ecosystem and providing price stability for DNT holders Details about our upcoming fundraiser were announced, including a plan to utilize the Ethereum Name Service to limit fraudulent attempts against our community A formal process for submitting district proposals was implemented Reward payouts for district proposals were increased to 2500 DNT for qualifying proposals, 50,000 DNT for proposals that obtain quorum, and 500,000 DNT for any proposals that eventually are added as districts to the network Luke Duncan’s 1Hive district proposal became the first to obtain quorum We released an introductory video for the district0x Network We passed the 1,000 member mark on Slack! New District Proposals ICO Bounty Management- district for crowdsale bounties Blockies Bazaar- market for Ethereum identicons 1Hive- crowdfunding platform Leading Edge- curation market for developer tools ToolShed- toolbox for Ethereum developers Web 3.0 Help- knowledge base for web3.0 technology Buddy System- mentoring community for crypto newcomers Portare- distributed import/export marketplace EtherAid- decentralized local charity Crowd-Sourcing Idea Hub- district for sourcing/organizing around ideas Best of Lists- curated best of lists on a wide range of topics Spend.eth- gift card marketplace TrustCoin- crowdsourced address verification B-Umbrella- security sharing service Service for Sharing Stuff- as the name would imply LocalView- decentral...
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