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The Biggest Bull In Bitcoin Made A Wild $6 Million Price Prediction as Ethereum Rivals Make Huge Gains

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices have staged a late Santa rally this week with the bitcoin price climbing over $50,000 per bitcoin—even as Tesla's Elon Musk and Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey spar over the future of crypto.

The bitcoin price climbed to levels not seen since before its early December crash, boosting the ethereum price. Meanwhile, smaller cryptocurrencies, including ethereum and its biggest rivals, have rocketed in recent weeks.

Ahead of the crypto market's pre-Christmas surge, bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor's huge bitcoin price prediction was revealed—as well as his personal near-$900 million bitcoin stash.

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MicroStrategy's chief executive Michael Saylor, who's transformed his business intelligence company into a bitcoin acquisition vehicle over the last 18 months, expects the bitcoin price to eventually hit $6 million, according to details from a November interview with technology news site The Information published in its Crypto Global newsletter this week.

A $6 million bitcoin price, which has already climbed from around $4,000 in March 2020 to highs of almost $70,000 last month, would give the nearly 19 million bitcoins in circulation a combined value of $126 trillion—an increase of around 12,000% from its current near-$1 trillion market capitalization and making it by far the world's most valuable commodity.

Saylor also said he personally owns 17,732 bitcoin, worth around $832 million at current prices, and...

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