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TCG Tides of Magic & Etheremon evolutions mapped out

So if you have your Mindallion on the field and you pay 7 mana you can summon this minion to replace him, evolving him. Some Etheremon have a very costly evolution whereas some evolve for free.

We are also adding an Etheremon habitat, anyone with a single Etheremon will receive one in their inventory. It will not be an erc721 token however it’s just used for battling.

This habitat effect will make it easier to evolve Etheremon making Etheremon decks really powerful.

We decided that owning a higher evolution of an Etheremon will provide the prior evolutions even if you do not currently possess the pre-evolves. We figured you must have owned the pre evolve at some point so it would be fair.

We are adding a new card effect type to accommodate some of the legendary Etheremons. The Persist effect. These are effects that constantly trigger every turn a card is in play.

Zedakazm the legendary underworld Etheremon

Speaking of effects, if an Etheremon has a callToArms effect (an effect that triggers when the card is played once,) the effect it will only trigger when the lowest evolution of the card enters the field. Subsequent evolutions retain effects but do not cause single effect executions to trigger again. Evolutions can only ever increase the attack or defense of the creature.

Damage in our game is persistent. So if a minion receives 1 damage and doesn’t die it will have 1 less life the next turn. Etheremon evolutions aren’t a way around that, the damage applied to an earlier evolution will get remain for later evolutions.

That was a lot to explain. If you need further clarification or want to find out more about our game feel free to drop it in our discord.

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