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Starkware entry to Reddit Scaling Bake-off

System Architecture


Scalability: High throughput enabled by batching transactions. Integrity: Cryptographic proofs and commitments ensure true ownership of Points. Accessibility: Support by leading wallets, and no on-chain operations required from users.

System Components

Minting (1)

Minting is done by transferring Points from the moderator accounts to chosen users (per Reddit’s specification, users claim these Points). This is done via the Moderator API.

UX — Subscribe, Tip, and Burn (2)

Initiating User Commands

StarkWare built a Reddit Chrome Extension (RCE) that monitors user activity on the Reddit website. The RCE catches events such as Subscribe (clicking the subreddit “JOIN” button), and Tip (adding a response starting with “/tip”), and interprets them appropriately. Whenever the RCE catches a user command, it constructs the required StarkEx transaction, and requests the user to sign it with their selected wallet. The signed transactions are passed by the RCE to the StarkEx Scalability Engine (SESE) in the cloud. StarkEx batches transactions, generates a STARK proof attesting to their integrity, and writes to Ethereum the proof, a commitment to the updated user balances data structure, and the modified user balances.

Frictionless User Experience

Users limiting themselves to the basic Reddit Point interactions (namely: claiming Points, subscribing to a subreddit, tipping other users, and burning Points) need not interact with Ethereum, and in particular, no on-chain registration is required. Only when users choose to interact with Ethereum, e.g. to withdraw or deposit Points, do they need to register on-chain as well. On-chain registration simply means linking a user’s Ethereum address with their StarkEx account.

Wallet Support (3)

Native Integration

Several wallets support the StarkEx ECDSA signature scheme and APIs, offering maximal security to their users. These...

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