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Some US guys are trying to protect whole crypto space from SEC regulation. Should we send them some love? [x-post /r/golemproject]

For Investors: The Economics of RootProject’s Token

The author, Dr. Nicholas Adams Judge, is a political economist and cofounder of RootProject. The other cofounder is Chris Place, a Y Combinator Fellow. Their nonprofit’s pre-ICO, which carries a 50% bonus, just passed 203% of its goal. The cofounders are taking zero tokens and no compensation beyond a reasonable salary.

RootProject’s pre-ICO is ending Friday, July 28th at 11:59 PM, PST. Our process of organizing began less than three weeks ago. A purely grassroots crowdsale, it was intended to raise funds for the exceptional legal complexities of wedding a Swiss-based token-administering foundation with an American on-the-ground nonprofit.

We have more than doubled our pre-ICO goal, in a difficult Ether market, and built a slack team of over a thousand people. Now it is time to reach out to more established investors for the actual ICO — though of course we hope the grassroots attention and investment will carry over to the ICO. The talk thus far has been about the social impact of RootProject. Now let’s focus on the asset itself.

While Chris, myself and our friend Dr. Melissa Mahoney came up with the ideas behind RootProject, as a political economist whose dissertation focused on models used in currency markets, the design of the crypto asset itself was left up to me.

Beyond my quantitative research, I also worked under Berkeley economist Professor Emeritus Jack Letiche, whose work on foreign exchange models and first-hand war stories about some of the currency crises of the twentieth century gave invaluable insight into how to interact with markets in order to preserve value.

A technical whitepaper on the design of the crypto asset, the ROOTS token, will be published for quantitatively sophisticated investors before the ICO. However, the below conceptual sketch conveys in simple language what every potential investor should know.

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