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snglsDAO is launching June 26th...airdrop and snapshot for the governance token is a week before.

As you may have already heard, SingularDTV has not one, not two, but THREE airdrops planned for June. And the launch of a DAO. (What can we say? We’re stuck at home, too, but we like to stay busy.) The goal for June is to grow our community of token holders and educate that community on the connection between our various tokenized ecosystems.

How Airdrops Work

First a note on some airdrop best practices. For those of you who might be newer to crypto, an airdrop refers to a giveaway of tokens to holders of another token. Generally, there are no active steps that a prospective participant needs to take, they simply have to be holding the specified token at a designated time, generally specified as a block height of the Ethereum blockchain. Once the block of the specified height is mined, we will take a snapshot, or a list of all Ethereum addresses holding the specified token (either SNGJ or SNGLS) and what amount of that token they are holding to determine how many of the airdropped tokens they will then receive.

You will be required to take an active step if you are currently holding your SNGJ or SNGLS on an exchange, though. Right now, we are not planning for exchanges to support any of these airdrops, though we will set aside tokens for exchange holders in case this changes.

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