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Rotki, the portfolio tracker/accounting tool that respects your privacy releases v1.6.1 with Aave support, ENS support and Ethereum DeFi overview


Rotki v1.6.1 is a tiny patch release on top of v1.6.0 fixing 2 minor bugs and a breaking bug for Ubuntu <= 18.0.4 users who could not run the Appimage of v1.6.0.

For the full list of changes since the previous minor version (v1.5.0) check the release notes of v1.6.0.

For more information on the bugs fixed here check the detailed bug changelog below 👇


Upgrade is recommended, especially if you use Ubuntu <= 18.0.4. Binaries available for:

Bug Fixes #1209 The Linux Rotki Appimage binary works properly again for Ubuntu <= 18.04. Rotki v1.6.0 was not able to run in those Ubuntu versions. #1203 The selected tab in Accounts & Balances is now readable again. #1172 Fix the ethereum addresses for CHAI and cUSDT token.
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