Once Upon a Time in the Metaverse Part II: The Saga Continues

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Once Upon a Time in the Metaverse Part II: The Saga Continues

Before reading this, you should probably read Once Upon the Metaverse Part 1 here: https://iamnotallama999.medium.com/storytime-with-llama-ba2aae2442b9

Greeting, frens! Where were we? Oh yeah, a bunch of people coming together to learn shit and try to take back their markets for the betterment of all humankind. Right. Got it. Sorry, it’s been a while since I wrote anything like this. I wasn’t sure. I got lost in the bullshit. But now, I am back, and I am Zen. We left off with the players sharing knowledge and growing together because they all wanted something better, something different than the shitshow world we all grew up in…

So, it happened that there were also people worldwide, government officials and crypto experts from intelligence communities and oversight agencies, yes, even the SEC, who realized they’d totally fucked up and missed the proverbial boat when it came to their careers in public service. They truly thought they were doing good, but they made concessions along the way, and they knew they needed to do better. Do it right. This was happening in the financial world, too. Traders, analysts, you name it, people were leaving Wall Street and capital markets to find a better place where they could do something they could be proud of, something that made an actual fucking difference.

Remember, most of the people working in these sectors were not bad or intent on destruction or hurting other people. They were just doing their best. Like the rest of us. They had families. Kids. Friends. Dreams. Hopes. Wishes. Many of them been lured into politics by the promise that they could somehow make a difference only to be dragged down into complacency by the status quo. Others had been lured in by the promise of wealth and access only to be slowly corrupted by it. And as it happens, over time, they pushed their dreams of a better world deep down inside their hearts and resigned themselves to do the best that they could — some watching PornHub, others doing small things for their communities, completely unaware that the foundation for a truly equal and decent society was there, right under their noses. Right at their fingertips.

As the hive mind started to buzz with new knowledge and new opportunity, the people who worked in these governments and markets — who had long since wondered about the possibility of unfucking the system — were pitched some ideas. Ideas that showed promise. Promise of a future where technology (which had long been a plague and a social media ad-based revenue nightmare), and markets (which had long been decimated by high frequency trading and complex algorithms designed to extract wealth from the working public and the masses who were working themselves to death just to get a little tiny piece of what others had far too much of) could save the whole fucking thing and give people what they always should have had — equity, access, and freedom.

Yes. We. Can.

While the seeds of this new potential reality were being planted, however, America and the people in it — and people all over the world — were at odds with each other. Chaos and hatred reigned supreme. Democratic elections were being challenged. A pandemic — instead of drawing us together — was splitting us apart and further isolating us from each other. Racism, bigotry and fake news threatened the very core of humanity and made people into animals again. Worse than animals — they were violent, cruel, and sought out conflict instead of cooperation. Reinforced ignorance instead of education. And fucked shit up so royally it looked like nobody would ever be able to fix it. And the people at the top of the old system loved it. This kept them at the top. The new model didn’t. So, they encouraged it. They shook that motherfucking jar as hard as they could until everyone was confused and nobody knew what to do about it.

But the project went ahead, anyway. Not just a tokenized dollar, but DeFi exchanges backed by the government who had finally realized that the less you try to rule people, the better they become. So, NDAs were signed in the thousands. And the people who believed got on board. Big names. Heads of state. Everyone and everyone who had demonstrated vision and hope for the future of the human race. And of course, a bunch of autist degenerate assholes on Reddit who stumbled into the middle of it all and started to see that it was never about the carrot…It was about something so much bigger. And Gamestop was just the beginning…a new beginning for every single person on this Godforsaken planet. You see, it’s already been decided. People like Kenny and Steve and Jamie Dimon and the rest of them are trying to mitigate the damage or overturn the whole thing, but they can’t. They’re trying to buy into crypto and take over the world via the DeFi revolution, but it’s too late for them. It’s not too late for us, and if we don’t look up together, we’re going to fuck it up. That’s what they’re counting on. Look up. Get your shit together. Do the right thing. Trust yourself. It’s coming. It’s happening.

So, let’s get it. Together. One world. One family. One planet.