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On Bots and Bans

With the increase of bots coming into the game world, we’ve been taking proactive measures to maintain a healthy player experience.

Building a healthy game environment has many challenges. Whether it’s ensuring cards are balanced correctly, RNG is kept at bay or bugs aren’t hiding in the cracks… there’s a lot that goes into ensuring Gods Unchained remains fun, healthy and challenging. 

Most of the problems we come up against occur as a result of something created on the dev side of things, but there’s an issue that’s a bit harder to balance as it doesn’t come from the inside: exploitative external forces.

Bot busters

With core market trading on its way, we expect to see an increase in bots being used to farm resources. Already, we’ve seen bots deployed to increase deck earnings (among other things) so this week we launched the first iteration of our automatic bot detection system. 

This system scans the Gods Unchained servers temporarily suspending any accounts that appear to be bots. If further review finds the account has been running bots at some point, no assets will be removed (they are truly decentralized) but the account will be blocked from queuing or fusing from that point on. 

It’s a good start, but admittedly it’s not a perfect system…. yet. 

In its first week of running, some initial leads turned out to be wrongly accused players. While this doesn’t feel great, we’re grateful to these players for following the appeal process as these instances have and will help us fine-tune the detection system to course-correct in the future. 

Thankfully, the majority of instances detected were made up of the malicious (read: mindless) 1s & 0s we were looking for, meaning we’re on the right track.

So why are bots bad?

There are multiple reasons for this, but the main two relate to the game and its economy. 

First up, playing against bots sucks. Ranked Constructed is designed to pit player ag...

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