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News of News For Bears and Bulls

Stocks are down 3%. Bitcoin is now below $13,000. Eth is minus close to 6%. Oil is down. Gold is falling.

Where all this money is going no one knows, but the dollar is up a bit finally, although not by that much.

Fears of another potential lockdown weigh on investor’s minds, with protests in Napoli against pandemic related measures being the latest indication of what the public response might be to this seemingly never ending pandemic which was to last only three weeks.

Astonishingly, the China lied meme is now turned on its head because only there it appears the pandemic did indeed last just three weeks.

How this vast country is escaping the so called second wave is not quite a mystery. They had this disease just as with the Spanish flu, which actually came from China, and they exported it to the world.

On the other hand things feel a bit normal. People do go out, though with masks. They go to work. They go to school, though sometime from home. They’re getting accustomed to the “three weeks” lockdowns.

So any effect on asset prices is unlikely to be panicky, depending of course on just what the donkeys do to get a grip.

“Large scale power systems are comprised of regional utilities with IIoT enabled assets that stream sensor readings in real time.

In order to detect cyberattacks, the globally acquired, real time sensor data needs to be analyzed in a centralized fashion.

However, owing to operational constraints, such a centralized sharing mechanism turns out to be a major obstacle.

In this paper, we propose a blockchain based decentralized framework for detecting coordinated replay attacks with full privacy of sensor data.

We develop a Bayesian inference mechanism employing locally reported attack probabilities that is tailor made for a blockchain framework.

We compare our framework to a traditional decentralized algorithm based on the broadcast gossip framework both th...

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