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Multiplayer blackjack using payment channels

DAO.Casino presents Multiplayer for BlackJack Empowered by Payment Channels technology

Just as we referred in our nearest plans article, multiplayer for BlackJack game is one of DAO.Casino priorities. We have started development in August and now finally ready to introduce it to our community.

We have powered up Multiplayer with Payment Channels, which boosted speed and reduced transaction cost. Implementation of this technology is a new step in using P2P communication channels between players “offchain”. All transactions occur directly between participants through the channel, and only after they decide to close the channel, the data is written to the blockchain.

Multiplayer benefits

Deployment of multiplayer is a very important step in protocol evolution. A lot of games in gambling world are based on interaction between players, both in social and game parts. From now on, we can more effectively develop new game contracts (such as poker contract, for example) with multiplayer feature.

This also simplifies work for independent developers. In order to develop multiplayer blockchain games, they can use our experience and our code. What concerns big casino operators, most of their games uses multiplayer elements. Obviously, availability of multiplayer will certainly benefits us during the protocol integration into their systems.

All of the above extends the functionality of our token. In addition, holders of our token receive additional opportunities to become a bankroller and to provide game sessions. All these circumstances create reliable prospects for DAO.Casino as a pioneer and architect of the industry.

Why BlackJack?

BlackJack is a comparing game between several players and a dealer, where each player competes against the dealer. But even though players don’t interact with each other, in a normal casino environment you would sit with other people at one table. It is a social experience, which makes multiplay...

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