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Mobilizing Global Districts – Status – Medium

A network of decentralized markets and communities

The development of decentralized protocols has allowed for the creation of many unique community-centric projects. District0x is a platform for decentralized communities and marketplaces. Status will allow users to create and interact with these easily via mobile, with no programming skills necessary. This enables even the newest users to the blockchain community to get involved right away.

Launching a decentralized market or community can be difficult, various barriers to entry can prevent many great concepts from coming to life. Shopify exists to make it so that anyone can start an online store, Reddit enables anyone in the world to start a forum, gives everyone the ability to start a highly visible blog. District0x will enable anyone to create, participate in, and govern a decentralized marketplace or community.

The districts of the District0x Network are communities and markets that exist as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. They require no intermediaries — users, owners, and decision makers are all one and the same. By providing the essential functionality needed to create and operate a marketplace community, District0x essentially removes all barriers to entry. All districts provide the following baseline functionalities:

Posting and listingsSearch and filteringRanking and reputationPayments and invoicing

The utilization of Ethereum, Aragon, 0x, and IPFS enables District0x to provide users all the tools necessary to run the entire spectrum of decentralized communities/markets, from hyper-local to global. The first districts that will be deployed using the platform attest to the vast possibilities that may come from this combinative project:

Ethlance — The first district is a decentralized freelance job market that was launched on the ethereum MainNet January of 2017, and currently working within Status!NameBazaar — The second district to be launched will be...
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