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5Y Ago
A network of decentralized markets and communities

The development of decentralized protocols has allowed for the creation of many unique community-centric projects. District0x is a platform for decentralized communities and marketplaces. Status will allow users to create and interact with these easily via mobile, with no programming skills necessary. This enables even the newest users to the blockchain community to get involved right away.

Launching a decentralized market or community can be difficult, various barriers to entry can prevent many great concepts from coming to life. Shopify exists to make it so that anyone can start an online store, Reddit enables anyone in the world to start a forum, gives everyone the ability to start a highly visible blog. District0x will enable anyone to create, participate in, and govern a decentralized marketplace or community.

The districts of the District0x Network are communities and markets that exist as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. They require no intermediaries — users, owners, and decision makers are all one and the same. By providing the essential functionality needed to create and operate a marketplace community, District0x essentially removes all barriers to entry. All districts provide the following baseline functionalities:

Posting and listingsSearch and filteringRanking and reputationPayments and invoicing

The utilization of Ethereum, Aragon, 0x, and IPFS enables District0x to provide users all the tools necessary to run the entire spectrum of decentralized communities/markets, from hyper-local to global. The first districts that will be deployed using the platform attest to the vast possibilities that may come from this combinative project:

Ethlance — The first district is a decentralized freelance job market that was launched on the ethereum MainNet January of 2017, and currently working within Status!NameBazaar — The second district to be launched will be a peer-to-peer marketplace for the exchange of names registered on the Ethereum Name Service.Memefactory — The third district that plans to be released will allow users to mint their own tokenized memes and offer them for sale immediately.Decentraland — a proposed future district by the Decentraland team is their secondary market for land — in a VR world. District0x Network Tokens (DNT)

The network tokens issued during the District0x contribution period act as utility tokens, providing access to governance functions and other interactive capabilities within districts. DNT can be staked by token holders in their preferred districts to utilize the governance features, such as voting. Voting via DNT staking can be used to determine the qualities of a district ranging from their design, functionality, accepted codes of conduct, or the way revenue generated by a district is utilized or distributed. Voting can be done both within specific districts, or more broadly for the District0x platform.

Immediately upon distribution of the District0x tokens, holders will be able to signal which districts they would like to see developed next by the District0x team. This signaling will be done through the recently announced District0x voting Dapp. This makes DNT instantly useful, as the voting dapp is now live.

Creating Districts

The district creation platform will provide an easy to use interface to design and deploy your own districts. Enabling customization of the user interface and the ability to adjust parameters of the smart contract to fit the unique needs of any market/community.

Auxiliary Modules will be available to further customize and meet the needs of the different types of districts that will emerge. These modules will be found using a directory similar to an app store, so that browsing plugins to add needed functionality is simple and user friendly.

Introducing District0x on Status

The District0x platform aims to be fully decentralized, and user controlled- its ethos is directly aligned with that of Status. Status allows for mobility and user interaction with decentralized applications — accessibility for all. Status can provide the tools necessary for District0x to have mobile voting, user authentication, notification, and chat-bot assisted functions, such as creating or managing a new district, all done via a decentralized messaging platform. No need for technical knowledge of the Ethereum network to fully utilize its functions.

Ethlance, the first live district is already working within Status. The ability to easily find work for ETH, on the go, is just one of the functions made possible by the integration of Status & District0x — a video example of how this will come together can be found in this clip from the Status explanation video.

Commiteth, a project developed by Status to incentivise development on open source projects via bounties might also be utilized by districts to speed up their own development. The Commiteth project is still being actively worked on, but the benefits of leveraging Commiteth bounties is apparent for any open source project. The integration of complementary projects helps to accelerate progress.

Looking AheadThe Ethereum Network ecosystem is growing rapidly, and each additional utility network, like District0x, adds value to the underlying network- especially when extending the functionality of other projects within the ecosystem. Status is a mobilizing force, bringing the decentralized web into the hands of users across the globe- providing a user friendly interface to give you access and control of your favorite projects. Be on the lookout for more Status Network integrations in the future.

If you want to take a more in depth look at what they are working on, check out the District0x Whitepaper, or come chat with us about their project directly over on the Status Slack.

If you’d like more information about District0x or the District0x Network Token, visit their site at