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Mainstream adoption of dApps remains elusive. In most projects, the main focus is on Crypto. We need more dApps to attract ordinary users by showcasing their usefulness beyond cryptocurrencies.

Mainstream adoption of decentralized applications (dapps) remains elusive. Most projects are still in their infancy stages and those finding early success are still mostly related to cryptocurrencies. With the exception of games like CryptoKitties, the top Ethereum dapps are still focused on crypto trading with the likes of IDEX and ForkDelta taking up the bulk of the transactions on the network.

This is partly because of how entrenched the popular conventional apps are in users’ routines. So, for dapps to succeed, they must be able to attract ordinary users by showcasing their usefulness beyond cryptocurrencies. Dapps must also match and, if possible, exceed the functionalities and user experiences that established apps provide.

Interoperability is key for this to happen. Conventional apps feature integrations with each other making user experiences less fragmented even if users switch between apps. For example, new Spotify users can easily sign up to the service using their Facebook accounts. This can easily be done in a few taps as opposed to needing to fill up a lengthy form.

Dapps and blockchain-based platforms have been stymied by the limited ways they can interact with each other. Fortunately, platforms like Ark now offer means to bridge blockchains. What is even more exciting is the emergence of orchestrators like Cardstack which allow users to integrate dapps to be part of customized workflows.

These efforts open up opportunities not only to improve current dapps but also to potentially create super dapps that could inspire wider adoption of blockchain technologies.

Interoperability Improves Utility

The lack of interoperability across blockchains has been among the technology’s roadblocks to success. Pioneering blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum don’t support cross-chain transactions by default. This is why the crypto market mainly relies on exchanges for users to convert one cryptocurrency for another.


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