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"Less Than 1% of EOS Addresses Hold 86% of the Tokens" (this is like if the Ripple XRP distribution & the DASH pre-mine had a baby 馃挬)

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The year-long EOS initial coin offering (ICO) wrapped up last week, and after raising approximately $4 billion fulfilled its promise to release EOSIO 1.0, the first (and Block.one鈥檚 only) version of the EOS mainnet software.

Since will not be participating in the mainnet launch, a variety of other launch groups have taken blockchain snapshots in preparation for distributing EOS tokens purchased during the crowdsale phase to their owners in the network鈥檚 Genesis block.

Using these snapshots, a Reddit user compiled data about wealth distribution within the nascent EOS ecosystem. We鈥檒l dive into the data, but first, an important caveat.

Due to the complexity of registering tokens through the crowdsale interface, many EOS investors chose to move their tokens to cryptocurrency exchanges prior to the snapshot to ensure that they received coins on the new chain. Consequently, many of the largest addresses belong to exchanges, most likely to an even greater extent than most other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, individuals may have registered tokens to multiple addresses.

With that important qualification, here鈥檚 how wealth will be distributed among addresses (but not necessarily users) when a mainnet launches:

The network will launch with 163,930 registered EOS addresses, all of which will hold a positive balance. For comparison, there are currently more than 22 million bitcoin addresses with a positive balance, according to BitcoinPrivacy.

The 10 wealthiest EOS addresses hold 496,735,539 tokens or 49.67 percent of the total supply. To make it into this group one would need to have 20,675,047 tokens, worth more than $280 million at the current exchange rate.

At least 100 million tokens ($1.4 billion) are held by, constituting 10 percent of the cryptocurrency鈥檚 total supply. The...

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