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IPFS Weekly

IPFS Weekly

by Jenn Turner on 2020-01-14

Welcome back to the IPFS Weekly

Here’s what’s happening lately in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy and beyond! 🚀

Top 10 recent highlights Current work in progress

An update from the IPFS Core Implementations team: * go-ipfs 0.5.0: Delays due to existing issues. Remaining testing requirements have been defined. * js-ipfs: Steady progress progress on async/await refactor. * js-ipfs: unixFS 1.5: merged mode and mtime support. * Bitswap protocol extensions: Progress on implementing bitswap protocol extensions in both JS/Go * go-ipfs: Effort to use multihashes rather than CIDs in DHT, Datastore etc., is in progress.

Any awesome #c++ devs out there? The distributed-wikipedia-mirror could use a helping hand to get updated snapshots of Wikipedia in Turkish, English, and more!

Looking to dip your toes into some fresh libp2p and Nim development?

Don’t forget to get involved with the new IPFS docs beta by testing, contributing content, or voting on new features!

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