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IPFS Weekly 98

IPFS Weekly 98

by Jenn Turner on 2020-07-29

Welcome to IPFS Weekly #98

Here’s what’s happening in the InterPlanetary File System galaxy! 🚀

Join us Monday for our next monthly meetup

Our next IPFS Virtual Community Meetup is scheduled for Monday, August 3rd and we want you to be there! Join us for some presentations on the latest in IPFS, as well as get a chance to present your work during our lightning sessions!

Register to attend

New in the GitHub marketplace: IPFS + GitHub actions

Created by Oli Evans (@olizilla), you can now pin your site to IPFS from a GitHub Action! The action pins a directory to IPFS by using the ipfs-cluster-ctl command to pin it to a remote IPFS Cluster.

Go start pinning

Quote of the week my blog is now on IPFS tied to my ENS domain. Thanks @FleekHQ ! Super easy.— $MAX ⚒️ | maxgrok.eth (@maxxgrok) July 22, 2020 Watch the Textile AMA with Andrew W. Hill and Carson Farmer

Last week, our friends at Textile participated in an AMA as part of the ongoing HackFS activities. Check out their thoughts on the dWeb, learn their origin story, and hear what it means to build a web3 company in a pandemic!

Watch the video

Brand new on IPFS People build the coolest stuff with IPFS

A decentralized, hardcore, uncensored Twitter analogue that stores your content in IPFS, built on top of the Cyber protocol.

The real interchain technology consists of 2 steps: Locking and Mapping

Brooklyn’s qri aims to build a library of data for all the world to use

Unstoppable Domains announces domain registrars will utilize Gemini’s custody services when purchasing .crypto addresses for their clients through its service.

One of the many cool things coming out of HackFS: NEAR Accounts and Access Keys as Identities for Textile Integration

Learn how to build your own Flappy Birds game on IPFS!

Check out the new format for Textile’s P...

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